• Tricom offers quick deployment tower solutions which can be implemented rapidly, using minimum crew. The RDS Tower project uses a state of the art Tricom foundation, designed to be submerged under the ground, installed rapidly and in various topographies. The Tricom rapid deployment tower solution which is composed of the octagonal foundation and a lattice tower is currently being implemented in Mpumalanga. The deployment of these towers are the first step in delivering an extensive network coverage in rural and city capacity within the shortest possible period of time and unbeatable prices.

  • Tricom software focuses on optimizing the calculations involved in tower analysis by looking at in-depth details of the conditions of the tower in relevance to the engineering standards. By considering high level details our software can save you money and time while fully complying with standards. We make use of globally approved software packages as well as in-house developed products. All Tricom technical work is supported by our own certified engineers.

  • Tricom has long been one of the most trusted technical teams for analyzing, maintaining, and upgrading telecom towers. We have an experienced team of engineers working with many different platforms and standards. Our technical team aims to deliver the highest technical quality and interpretation of codes and through the use of automation software is one of the fastest teams in the world to meet all your timeline requirements.